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Thomas Gu - Senior Clinician

Thomas has studied and worked at the University of Otago's Faculty of Dentistry in Dunedin for over 10 years.


He has led various departments in removable prosthesis including partial dentures, full dentures, implant supported prosthesis, and orthodontic appliances. In addition, he has worked at a private clinic in Christchurch for 4 years.


Tom's down to earth friendly demeanour and his extensive array of experience from complex and highly specialised hospital cases to the conventional dentures makes his service second to none.

Read more about Tom in his recent feature in the Metropol magazine! Click here...

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Happy Clients

Came out today with my partial dentures, love them, finally have the confidence to smile again. Thank you so much. Amazing service, friendly and very helpful, I fully recommend to everyone

- Pam

Hi my name is Bernie and this is my story....I had my teeth out 5 years ago and until this year did not have the money to get them, I had followed my own intuition and made my first appointment with Thomas, we hit it off from the get go and I just knew that he was the right dentist for me and honestly my dentures are beautiful, I love them, Thomas goes out of his way to make sure I was well informed on all aspects of having dentures for the first time, Margret always made my experience a happy one as she has a great sense of humor. Thanks so so much Thomas I would always recommend your services


I recently had new dentures from Nelson Denture Clinic. My experience was amazing. Thomas took time to explain each and every step that was taken in getting these teeth. I have had no problems. So thank you so much Tom for the time and care you took to make me look and feel good. Thank you once again

- Marie


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